Arrivy 101, Lesson 2: Customer Communications

Hello from Arrivy!

Welcome to part two of a four-part help series.

Arrivy was designed to make home service businesses more profitable and their customers happier by automating coordination and communications.

Customer Communications

Arrivy provides a variety of tools to facilitate customer communications. We recognize that there are high-value customer interactions and low-value communications. High-value communications are those that help build customer confidence in your business and your people. Low-value communications are those that simply provide customers with progress updates, reminders, and follow-ups.

Unfortunately, both kinds of communications take a lot of time. Arrivy is designed to help eliminate those low-value activities.

Time Window & Customer Reminders

When you initially create a Task, Arrivy sends either an email, a text, or both to the customer–depending on the notification settings in the Task dialog.


By using the Time Window settings in the Task dialog, you can specify a time range for arrival instead of an absolute time (which is reflected in the text or email). Additionally, on the Settings page under Customer Communications, you can input additional text that will be added to the confirmation email.

Enroute and Arrival Notifications with Real-Time Estimates

For customers, predictability is one of the most important aspects of businesses they want to work with. Arrivy’s communication tools help make appointment times more accurate and transparent for customers. Field crews use Arrivy’s mobile apps to trigger appointment notifications. When a Team member clicks on the On our way button in the Arrivy app a text or email is sent to the customer. When they click on the link in the email, they’ll see the following image in their browser:

  • Pictures of crew members
  • Location on a map
  • Arrival estimate

As the field team progresses to the customer location, Arrivy monitors their progress and sends out a Get Ready text/email when the Team is about a mile from the customer location.

When we talk about UBER-izing the customer experience, this is what we mean. Useful communications and better visibility into arrival times help make the appointment process more predictable and more enjoyable for customers.

In future lessons, we’ll discuss Arrivy’s mobile apps and Dashboard in detail.


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