Automation Clearing the Path For Remote Working

Automation Clearing the Path For Remote Working

The pandemic has forced organizations to shift to remote working culture, leading to overall worker disparity and disconnect. This has led companies to mull around for easily adaptable operational solutions that help them automate their routine tasks, which enhances worker efficiency. Arrivy offers the best of both worlds by providing intelligent solutions for everyday operational

Arrivy Intros New “Linked Tasks”

Along with Halloween, October brings a significant new feature to Arrivy–Linked Tasks. Linked Tasks is a new way to group and access different Tasks that are related to the same customer and job. Read more below and at . Arrivy Premium Linked Tasks will be a part of Arrivy Premium, an enhanced offering that will be available

Arrivy Intros New “Task Messages” Feature & More

Task Messages The Arrivy Task Journal is undoubtedly one of our most useful features. It both archives all activities and status changes for a job and allows Dispatch, field crews (and customers) to exchange messages via a “chat-like” interface. The only problem with the Journal is that it is only accessible when a Task is opened… until now. Task messages and the Task Journal can now