Top Tips to Streamlining Your Last-Mile Service Experience

Last-mile service experience encompasses a host of activities that have to be orchestrated just right in order to ensure timely service delivery and adequate satisfaction scores. During the pandemic, last-mile services experienced an uncanny soar in their popularity with customers restricted to their homes. Modern customers crave visibility and ease in their service experiences. Service businesses today operate in a highly competitive environment where you have to be the best in order to succeed, and those who refuse to change their ways often pay the price. 

This blog will break down the common misgivings faced by modern service businesses and how operational tools like Arrivy can really do wonders for their workflow and customer delight. 

Complete Team Visibility

To survive in the ever-growing experience economy, modern service businesses need to adopt a customer-focused strategy that requires them to use the right technological tools to keep customers informed about what’s going on in the field. Drivers on the day must be fully connected with the dispatch and customers to ensure quality service completion. 

With the Arrivy’s Immersive Crew Experience, ensure that your team is fully aware of their drop-offs for the day. With adequate data available right at their fingertips, they get to stay fully informed about what it is that they need to achieve. Add on the ability to report their job progress, and you’ve got yourself a match made in heaven. As your team goes about their day, the customers are automatically made aware of their progress, helping keep all inquiry calls at bay. 

Optimal Routing

One of the most crucial aspects of managing last-mile services is ensuring that fool-proof routes are in place to optimize time and resources. The goal is to cut down on time spent in the field while still achieving maximum output from a select number of in-field workers. Although it may sound easy, finding that sweet spot can become a nightmare. The madness never seems to end from having to account for driver availability to traffic, road closures, and drop-off time preferences. 

Arrivy’s powerful Route Planning allows service businesses to curate fully optimized routes that account for crucial business standards. All important aspects are factored into the routes, from traffic and travel time to task time to ensure that your team’s day is fully optimized. 

Paperless Record Keeping

In an industry riddled with rising competition and rapidly evolving consumer preferences, more and more last-mile service enterprises realize the importance of creating a competitive advantage. One of the biggest reported causes of turmoil is the sheer amount of paperwork that is required for each job. From complicated and thorough delivery forms to damage reports, the paperwork just never seems to end. 

With Arrivy, modern service businesses are able to create dynamic Digital Forms tailored to their needs. The easy-to-use interface is perfect for even the most tech-averse individuals. These forms are simple to create and even easier to use. Get all the information you need right from the job, collect signatures, add photos, and more with Arrivy. Empower your team to take on the day with rigor and put all your paperwork on auto-pilot. 

Smart Notifications

To create an unparalleled service experience, it is essential for customers to feel like they are in control. They should not have to chase you for information through calls and email. With Arrivy’s engaging last-mile Customer Experience automate all-important customer notifications so that you can sit back and relax and let the automation do the work for you. Forget dealing with repeated inquiry calls and emails; instead, empower your customers to live-track your team’s location as they are out and about doing deliveries. Bridge the gap between the two parties so they can seamlessly connect whenever they want, wherever they are. 

Last Parting Words

To create an engaging and memorable last-mile service experience, modern businesses need to go in all guns blazing. It is only through timely and effective dealing with crucial touchpoints that companies ensure that their teams and customers feel involved in the whole process. The idea is to create synergy amongst all the parties involved in the experience to ensure that their needs are being fulfilled. 

The Arrivy Operations Cloud™ is the last-mile scheduling and dispatch tool that modern service businesses need on their roster to provide an e2e enthralling service experience. Investing in a tool will help you stay on top of the rapidly-changing last-mile delivery space and enable you to keep your customers happy, and promote long-term company success.

Ready to jumpstart your success? Get in touch with our experts here and let us show you exactly what we are capable of doing.  

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