Eliminating Friction in Your Service Journey

In today’s modern experience economy, customers are well versed in what keeps them coming back for more. As a result, they are less likely to remain loyal to service companies with whom they have to find ways to interact on the day of service. Ultimately, no matter how things turn out, the customers end up being the ones that suffer! There will always be some friction in your customer journey, and even great companies encounter some. Nevertheless, one should try to identify and eliminate any friction points that may impede customer delight. 

Let’s look at what causes customers to believe a service experience is sticky and how Arrivy can help modern service companies avoid friction in their service journey.  

Get to the Root

To understand where the friction is, we must go back to the roots. Start by mapping your service journey from customers’ first interaction to the various touchpoints they are subjected to throughout the day. The core idea is to study the service experience from the customer’s perspective to identify their feelings during each interaction. For modern service companies, it is crucial to create a lasting expression on the customers to increase their chances of gaining a referral or recurring business. 

Arrivy allows companies to curate and track customer-level interactions down to their most basic level. The customer experience can be customized to make the most optimal impact on one’s service journey. Whether that’s an SMS, Email, or the ability to track the crew’s live location as they’re on the go. Arrivy makes sure that customers feel involved on the day of service with regulated alerts just when they are needed. 

Doubling Down on Moments that Matter

Choosing to go for an integrated customer experience can often be a new way of doing business. It’s not all about just changing tactics but also mindsets that may not be a piece of cake for those stuck in the last century. Changing how one interacts through the service journey has true implications for the company’s culture and how the teams interact.

A great way to understand crucial customer touchpoints is to speak with the front-liners who interact with them every day. It is important to understand what the people closest to the action believe will impact customer delight. The more effort service companies can cut down on the part of the customer, the better. 

With Arrivy’s integrated crew experience, it’s as easy as pushing a couple of buttons or writing a quick note to stay in touch. Crucial input from frontline workers can really help change the name of the game. Not only this, the field crew feels empowered by becoming a key touchpoint themselves through the day of service. 

Say Goodbye to Poor Team Handoff

Every organization aims to curate a service experience that is as smooth and seamless as possible. However, this might not always be possible. Service businesses often end up with friction or “sticking points” that cause issues for customers and hinder them from ever coming back. Identifying “sticky points” comes down to team members who openly communicate and not just stay restricted to their silos. 

Curating a smooth service journey is centered around solid teams who are excellent at communicating and not letting anything up for chance. For these teams to succeed, CRMs, platforms, and other resources must be synchronized. The Arrivy Operations Cloud™ becomes the hub where all these tools can seamlessly communicate in order to curate an authentic last-mile experience. Be it dispatch, field crew, or customers with Arrivy’s powerhouse integration, service businesses can ensure that their team handoff is as seamless as possible. From the moment a job is created to when it is assigned and carried out, all touch-points can be carefully and meticulously aligned to provide an unforgettable experience. 

Look to The Future

Creating a well-aligned service journey is all about changing how we think about things. From providing a customized appointment reminder to creating an Uber-ized service experience, the impact on one’s customer delight can be out of this world. The future is customer-first, and this is the optimal time to jump on the bandwagon. Arrivy makes it a dream come true when it comes to creating a harmonious and enthralling service journey where every stakeholder feels heard and cared for, which is what the experience economy is all about! 

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