Arrivy Intros New “Task Messages” Feature & More

Task Messages The Arrivy Task Journal is undoubtedly one of our most useful features. It both archives all activities and status changes for a job and allows Dispatch, field crews (and customers) to exchange messages via a “chat-like” interface. The only problem with the Journal is that it is only accessible when a Task is opened… until now. Task messages and the Task Journal can now

Airbnb for the Sun

Complete Solar is a platform for enabling solar purchase, installation and service

“One of the secrets to our success was being resolute in our vision,” said Dave Anderson, Complete Solar’s  CMO and co-founder. “Ten years ago, every residential solar company needed to bring together suppliers, installers, finance companies, salespeople and customer care.”  That required significant resources and diverse expertise. “Our vision was to be a platform and

Account Management Changes and more

Account Management Changes and more

Start at/Complete at Did you ever accidentally click Start or Complete at the wrong time? Or, perhaps you forgot to click the appropriate Status buttons when you began or finished a job? We’ve added a new capability to Arrivy’s Start and Complete buttons. After the Start or Complete buttons have been clicked one, subsequent clicks

Arrivy helps Event Artillery Aim High

Arrivy helps Event Artillery Aim High

They know how to throw a good party! In a short four years, Event Artillery has become one of the premier providers of high-end furniture for events in Perth, Australia. Bootstrapped by its founders–Ryan and Natalie Gosatti–the couple recognized a need for Instagram-worthy installation pieces at weddings and corporate happenings.  Enter Arrivy. When Arrivy first

Arrivy Introduces New Features, New Integrations

New Customer Message Features Arrivy’s Task Journal archives all of your jobs’ activities for posterity, for reference and provides the ability to create unique reports–like our On-time Performance report, which identifies the percentage of your jobs that start on time. Until now, the Task Journal only showed status changes–events triggered by changes to a Task or by

MyPorter, UBER-izing Moving & Storage

myPorter - Altlanta-based moving and storage

“Our business is driven by life events–getting married, retiring, having kids, inheriting property,” related John Foshee, CMO of MyPorter, an Atlanta-based “concierge” storage provider that allows customers to store their “extra stuff”–from sports equipment to clothing to furniture to pianos–securely and without ever having to leave home. In contrast to renting a U-Haul, schlepping a

Arrivy Introduces Time Zone Features

Arrivy has added support for specifying the time zone of a Task–so, you can accurately schedule a job whether you’re home or on vacation. This carries over to our Groups feature–automatically setting the time zone for Tasks specified for a selected Group. Introduction Arrivy now supports the ability to explicitly specify starting and ending time zones

Arrivy Introduces Auto-Start/Auto-Complete Functionality

Sometimes it’s difficult for team members to remember to click the “Start” and “Complete” status buttons to start and end a task. But, without that information your Scheduler/Dispatcher may not know your actual status, and Arrivy can’t accurately report job and travel times. Auto–Start and Auto-Complete are features that use Arrivy’s location logic to identify