Technology’s Role in Reducing Business Costs

Technology’s Role in Reducing Business Costs

From a simple interaction consisting of messages to complicated data analysis and reporting tasks, technology helps not only speed the process along but also enhances the utility of the communication and helps the business save a lot of money. Technology also helps companies reduce costs significantly, and here’s how: Happy Customer Relationship and Lower Marketing

All the World’s a (Home) Stage

Home staging

Home staging was a problem that needed to be solved. Home staging helps a home looks its best and plays to buyers’ emotions, allowing them to envision themselves in that house. By giving interiors more panache, it helps sellers avoid large price reductions and often shortens the sales cycle. According to the National Association of

Arrivy Intros New “Linked Tasks”

Along with Halloween, October brings a significant new feature to Arrivy–Linked Tasks. Linked Tasks is a new way to group and access different Tasks that are related to the same customer and job. Read more below and at . Arrivy Premium Linked Tasks will be a part of Arrivy Premium, an enhanced offering that will be available