SaaS Ideas For Small Businesses In 2024

Pop Quiz. Which of these have you heard before from a team member?

  • “I didn’t know I had a job today.” 
  • “How would I know if the customer rescheduled?”
  • “The last job went over.”
  • “I had trouble finding the fastest route there.”

It’s no secret that stuff like this happens. Sound communication is essential to organizational success. It’s integral to employee engagement, customer delight, and operational success. Sticky notes may not be the best tool for team communication; neither is calling people right before they’re due for a job. With the demands of the 21st century, businesses have to evolve to stay in the game. In this blog, we’ll show you just how.

Ready, Set, Go!

With time the orthodox approach towards scheduling has evolved for companies to keep up with the experience economy. Getting the right crew, with the right skills, to the right place can be challenging and stressful. Nevertheless, with many companies still relying on sticky notes and conventional calendars, keeping operations on track is nothing short of a challenge. Arrivy’s intuitive scheduling and dispatch capabilities give you a bird’s eye view of your field operations. Allowing you to stay on top of things as if you were out there in person. 

“To be able to work remotely with Arrivy is awesome, especially when our competitors are still stuck to pen and paper & their physical business locations” ~ Creative Carpets Flooring

Keep Your Team Happy

Dispatch: “John, where are you?”

Field Crew: “At home, Sir.”

Dispatch: “You have a solar install scheduled for Ms. Samson. Didn’t you check your Google Calendar?” 

Field Crew: “Umm. I don’t see it here.”

We have all had our fair share of missed appointments; however, for a service organization missing an appointment is an even bigger nightmare than we can imagine. The trickle-down effect of a botched scheduling job can be seen for days in wasted labor hours, loss of revenue, and unhappy customers. With Arrivy, make sure that your crew never misses another job just because they never got around to checking their calendar.

Arrivy ensures that your frontline workers have the autonomy and information that they need to provide excellent customer service. Give your team easy access to all job-related information so they don’t have to sift through their calendars to figure out their commitments for the day.

Arrivy’s interactive crew experience allows your team to exchange notes, photos, voice messages, and much more on the day of service. Allowing them to take on the responsibility for providing Grade-A customer service.

5-Star Customer Experience

Field Crew: “So, I think you’re all set with the dishwasher now.”

Customer: Thanks for catching what that grinding sound was. It was driving me nuts. 

Field Crew: “Yeah, I can understand. If you can sign the job completion form here *points to his tablet*, we’ll be done.” 

Customer: *Prompted to review the service*

Field Crew: *Receives notification of 5-star review on his drive to the next job*

Create moments of delight for your customers by keeping them engaged on the day of service. Arrivy helps you empower your customers by providing timely SMS/Email notifications about the crew’s arrival and any changes that may occur on the day of. Helping you turn those two stars into five stars. 

The customer experience at Arrivy engages and empowers customers by allowing them to communicate with the field crew and stay in control. Arrivy helps you Uberize the customer’s experience with real-time location tracking, automated notifications, and the ability to ping the field crew whenever the customer desires.

Timely Feedback = Guaranteed Success

Customer feedback is not only an accurate depiction of how successful your business operations are, but good and timely feedback helps keep the field crew motivated. Knowing how they’ve performed at the end of the job can do wonders for their determination to come into work each day. 

Arrivy allows you to detect, acknowledge and work on your service errors right from the get-go. By prompting customers to review your service as soon as the job is completed, you can ensure that you get the most accurate description of their service experience. Helping you in your journey towards achieving perfection.  

Say No to Paper!

Digital forms have outperformed paper forms in every dimension, whether its accessibility, portability, or reach. Enhance communication between your dispatch, field crew, and the customers with Arrivy’s Digital Forms. Allow your crew to collect valuable information and signatures from the customers and boost authenticity into your daily operations. 

Arrivy’s digital forms can help revolutionize the way that you and your team approach information collection. Boost your productivity with dynamic fields and a multitude of design options and change how you operate.

Communication is Key

Knowing the importance of timely communication in your business can make a world of difference. Arrivy provides a vast array of communication mediums such as customer and crew experience, digital forms, and more. These help you establish effective communication networks and improve the operational efficiency of your business. 

Still not woo-ed? Then talk to one of our experts today at and see how we can help you shake things up.

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