How Arrivy Skyrocketed DX Event Furnishings’ Customer & Crew Engagement

If you’re on the lookout for revolutionary designs and out-of-the-box thinking for your next event, then DX Event Furnishings are the guys for the job. Reliability and impeccable customer service are at the heart of this company from Montreal, Quebec. With over 19,000 custom high-quality products in its inventory DX is powered by a crew of highly skilled professionals who just want to get the job done. 

However, when the pandemic hit, the actual pain points of the company became apparent for President Pierre-Etienne Chamard. With a dramatically cut crew size, he struggled to maintain steady customer relationships and keep employees motivated.

Cut to Arrivy! The partner in crime that DX Event Furnishings direly needed.

Going Full Throttle on Customer Delight  

To be the best, you have to learn from the best. The modern experience economy is driven by industry giants such as Uber and Amazon. Their drive towards achieving excellence in their field of operations and constantly enhancing the customer experience is not going unnoticed by the little fish in the sea. Customers in this day and age want to be engaged and involved in their service experience. They want that one-on-one connection with the service provider, and to do that, DX Event Furnishings knew it had to think big. 

Arrivy became the stepping stone that helped the company create a personal connection with its customers. With the ability to map out the customers’ experience journey, the company could visualize what they wanted the customers to experience, and then Arrivy made it all a reality.

“Arrivy allowed us to divide our customer experience journey, and we were then able to map it all out, and that was great for us.”

Customers could get timely SMS/Email notifications about the crew’s arrival, helping them feel in control. With Arrivy multi-language support, the customer experience was customized in French, further enhancing the customer delight for DX Event Furnishings. The ability to send personalized messages allowed DX Event Furnishings to set itself apart from other rental businesses in the locality and build close relationships with the customers. 

“Customers just wanna know, and they want us to be transparent. With Arrivy, we can be transparent, and at the end of the day, the customer benefits are so big that we can’t help but be happy.”

With Arrivy’s help, the company realized its full potential and racked up the brownie points from the customers at the same time. Helping it become a well-loved pillar of the community in just a few short months.

Nothing But 5 Stars 

A happy crew is a motivated crew, and this is something that Arrivy realized early on in the case of DX Event Furnishings. Before Arrivy, the field crew didn’t have much of a relationship with the customers. So much so that it was reflected in the reviews they got. Arrivy made it possible for the crew at DX Event Furnishings to communicate with the customers with its easy-to-use iOS/Android mobile application. The status buttons introduced by Arrivy empowered the crew to build an instant connection with the customers and boost their delight. 

“Our team really loves the relationship they have been able to develop with the customers as an operations crew…before they weren’t really talking. Now they can interact with the customers directly…and the customer can connect with them too with personal messages like ‘I’ll meet you out back once you arrive.'”

Real-time prompted reviews from customers right on site meant that the crew was motivated 10X as much to go to work each day. Getting the next 5-stars became an integral part of the field operations for DX Event Furnishings with Arrivy’s seamless integration. 

“To receive the 5-stars from customers right on site…motivates the crew to get those five stars every single time.” 

The crew experience as provided by Arrivy was amongst the best in the industry. With the ability to customize the job status buttons in French inside Arrivy, the benefits were truly endless. The mobile application slowly but surely became an indispensable part of the crew’s day.  

“Being able to update a status is super simple right from the app, and that keeps our crew motivated.”

Robust Custom Solutions 

In the words of Pierre-Etienne, Arrivy made a lasting impression because of its ‘can-do attitude and speed of delivery. DX Event Furnishings needed custom solutions to enhance the customer and crew experience to set itself apart from the competition. That meant putting in extra hours and hard work to add value for the end consumer at every step of the way. The committed support team at Arrivy was up for any challenge that DX Event Furnishings presented. 

“The service from Arrivy was so quick and easy…within a few hours, we’d get a response from Arrivy’s Support Team.”

When it comes to customizations, Arrivy is at the forefront of it all. With help from our support team, Pierre-Etienne was able to map and integrate his CRM with Arrivy’s platform seamlessly. Allowing for flawless sync of data every time, leading to nearly 40% time savings and cut down of redundant resources. Arrivy offered DX Event Furnishings the ability to enhance its customer and crew experience and smooth out its logistics.

DX Event Furnishings flourished with its scheduling and dispatch capabilities. Arrivy gave it the ability to plan and execute tasks with ease and excellence. According to Pierre-Etienne, the logistics team was no longer disconnected from the field, and that could be a game-changer in the long run for the company as that would mean less backlog of redundant staff and more efficient use of resources. 

“Arrivy has allowed us to save one salary from logistics which is a big deal for us.”

Real-Time Scoreboard

With a great crew come great responsibilities; the same was true for DX Event Furnishings. The company wanted to recognize its star performers, and Arrivy offered it just that with its reporting insights.

“We have a real-time scoreboard from Arrivy in its reports…so we know how our crew is performing.”

DX Event Furnishings had a way to put the achievements of its team under the scope and seek out the highest achievers. The opportunity to be recognized for their excellent work led the crew to work twice as hard and get as many 5-stars as possible to show up on next month’s sheet. Arrivy provided the company a way to not only boost motivation but also encourage healthy competition.  

The Dream Team

Working on customer experience is a never-ending process. With companies like Amazon still finding new and innovative ways to deliver excellent service, Arrivy knows that it can’t stop now. Arrivy is committed to putting the needs of its customers first, which sets it apart from the competition. 

Custom solutions are welcomed every day at the job. The challenges presented by DX Event Furnishings helped pave the way for the excellent customer and crew experience that Arrivy offers and is known for today. 

However, the sky’s the limit, and we are just getting started.

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