Automation Clearing the Path For Remote Working

The pandemic has forced organizations to shift to remote working culture, leading to overall worker disparity and disconnect. This has led companies to mull around for easily adaptable operational solutions that help them automate their routine tasks, which enhances worker efficiency. Arrivy offers the best of both worlds by providing intelligent solutions for everyday operational & resource tracking needs. Arrivy allows you to map out your day to perfection so you can spend less time planning and more time on executing tasks.

But how does the “day of” service look like in the middle of a pandemic? What long-term impact has automation had on the remote working culture? More so, how has the crew & customer experience evolved thanks to automation clearing the path for remote working?

Remote Operations; The New Future!

The initial transition from the office to work from home has been disruptive, to say the least. With teams limited to working from home, productivity has been a pressing concern for many managers. Not everyone has the self-discipline to resist the urge to procrastinate.

However, there is a case to be made for the permanent adoption of remote operations for the sake of efficiency and safety of workers. Companies are starting to realize the overwhelming impact of the pandemic and how remote working is not all that bad – that is, if you have the right tools in place. Arrivy empowers its users to stay in complete control even if they are working from home.

“To be able to work remotely with Arrivy is awesome, whether I am working from home or on vacation, I know I am not losing out on anything be it any jobs or important follow-ups with my team & customers.”

– Mark Bouquet Jr, Sales Manager & Senior Flooring Consultant Creative Carpet & Flooring.

Arrivy allows you to schedule, dispatch and monitor your field operations from any remote location. Schedule your daily tasks, assign team members and equipment and see the day unfold before your eyes. With a simple click of a button, Arrivy plans the day for you, keeping in mind the job duration, travel times and working hours. Let Arrivy suggest the optimal routes for your crew and manage any last-minute changes as you go.

Proactive Scheduling System

Manual processes of the past won’t survive the new norm. Gone are the days of manually scheduling a workforce. Problems surrounding manual scheduling include but are not limited to missed appointments, suboptimal resource allocation, unhappy customers and lost opportunities, to name a few. 

Automation can allow one to get rid of all these headaches and let the technology do its thing. Arrivy’s state of the art scheduling and dispatch feature gives you an enterprise view of your business at every instance. View your tasks in one of four purpose-built views and be on top of your schedule for the day. See how the day looks for each member of your team and optimize their time. 

With Arrivy, automated scheduling becomes a reality!

Ease Your Burden

Completing a job requires the synergy of many departments and personnel. This can be challenging with half your team working from home and juggling their personal and professional lives. 

Workflows can be complicated, and they can pose significant roadblocks in the event of remote working. With Arrivy’s smart SMS/Email notifications, you can keep your crew and customers engaged. Arrivy’s team notifications feature enables you to notify your crew of all upcoming jobs in advance and reduce the chances of a no-show or miscommunication, delivering a smooth field crew experience.

In addition, the benefits of Arrivy extend to the customers as well. It allows you to enhance the customer experience by relaying important job information where it matters the most. Arrivy sends automated customer notifications, including appointment confirmations, reminders and review prompt via Emails & SMS, so your customers stay happy and stress-free.

Go Paperless. Stay Safe

Keeping your crew and customers safe and at work amidst the pandemic has become a grade-A priority for businesses worldwide. This means limiting the amount of contact that your field crew has with the customer. Arrivy makes it possible for you and your field crew to collect, store and process data in real-time with its digital forms feature. Be it service reports, checklists or a complex bill of ladings, Arrivy has options for your every need. Arrivy forms allow you to auto-fill task information, carry out complex calculations and add notes or images. As a result, your crew can focus on what matters the most – Delivering quality work.

Surpass your operational needs with quick and easy access to data when you need it. With Arrivy’s digital forms, you have data present right at your fingertips, and it’s all uploaded onto the cloud for safekeeping. Be a part of the modern economy and collect digitized customer signatures on the go. Keep customers delighted and a part of the experience with Arrivy’s automated forms sharing capabilities. 

Paper has now become a thing of the past – All thanks to Arrivy!

5-Star Customer Experience

A 5-star customer experience can help make or break your business. Reviews are the catalyst that helped Uber become what it is today. Arrivy allows you to Uber-ize your customer experience, so you know what they want and when they want it. 

With Arrivy, you will be able to prompt for reviews as soon as the job is done. Gain real-time insights from your customers, and post them automatically to your social accounts once the desired satisfaction level has been achieved. 

With most of your dispatch crew working remotely, it is crucial to monitor the quality of service being provided. Arrivy enables you to collect timely customer feedback so you can modify your service quality to their liking. Now you can ensure that your customers stay engaged and delighted.

Empowerment – Name of the Game

Automations help empower organizations to take a back seat once in a while and focus on more important things. If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us, we need to put our well-being first. Arrivy empowers you to automate your daily operational tasks and focus on the bigger picture. Many organizations choose to go with the no strings attached route, with remote working becoming a street favourite. To help minimize costs and put back more in the business. 

Keep your field crew and customers engaged and let them become proactive in interacting with each other. Arrivy helps you reduce customer level stress by sending out automated notifications and prompting them for reviews on a job well done. 

Arrivy helps project your office into the field. Field crew can have all the information they need to be effective and efficient using Arrivy’s mobile application. From contact and navigation info to job details it’s all there in a one-click connection. 

The pandemic may be going away soon *fingers crossed* – But Arrivy is here to stay!

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