Creative Carpet Discovers Arrivy’s Magic

If you’re looking for designer carpet and flooring solutions in the Midwest, Creative Carpet & Flooring is your best bet. Industry veterans for the last 28 years, the company believes in creating a personalized experience for customers. Creative Carpet & Flooring has products ranging from pet safe carpeting, vinyl, tile, area rugs, laminate to hardwood floors. The family of five runs its successful business operations, with a large-scale team to back them up – but it wasn’t always smooth sailing.

Mark Bouquet Jr. (Sales Manager & Senior Flooring Consultant at Creative Carpet & Flooring) often found himself overburdened when it came to task tracking and team scheduling. The business was desperately in need of a serious rendezvous. 

And that’s where Arrivy came in!

The Modern ‘Day of Service’

The ‘day of service’ for the modern age is infinitely different from what it looked like a decade ago. With catalysts like Uber and Amazon innovating mundane tasks like ordering a cab or buying groceries, every business has had to revitalize its operations. At Arrivy, we aim to change how field operations are planned, scheduled, and executed. Arrivy enabled Creative Carpet to utilize the lockdown to its full potential, especially when all other competitors were shut down.

“To be able to work remotely with Arrivy is awesome, especially when our competitors are still stuck to pen and paper & their physical business locations.”

Field service companies are still unable to track their equipment and on-ground professionals in real-time fully. Businesses often find themselves in situations where it is challenging to communicate instructions to the field crew on the day of service. 

Creative Carpet is an example of a company that significantly improved its clients’ satisfaction levels when it started powering its day of service through Arrivy. Customers can see where the service delivery professional is in real-time, provide live notes, and track the job. Customers are also prompted to give their feedback as soon as the job is completed, allowing for nearly 80% surge in positive reviews. All these features feed into the creation of an excellent customer experience

A Match Made in Heaven

To keep up with the times, companies have had to learn new ways of doing things. This was the very problem that Creative Carpet was facing two months ago when they needed to find intelligent solutions for their flooring & carpeting business. The company makes use of multiple teams, which are all spread across the Midwest. With one zone handling team dispatch and the other being in charge of inventory and equipment, Mark needed to find something that stopped him from having to tick off tasks for his teams from a to-do list.

I’ve got lots of people telling lots of other people where to be and when to get there – So it’s a matter of deciding what resources to allocate and to whom and that can be chaotic.”

Crew management is tough enough on its own, but when you are relying on pen & paper, and your team is spread across miles, it becomes virtually impossible. For Creative Carpet, the industry it operated in relied heavily on phone calls, on-site visits, and lots & lots of paper! However, Mark knew that there must be a better, more synchronized way of keeping all his team & customers in the loop. 

Arrivy was the hail-mary that Creative Carpet needed to get out of its funk. For Creative Carpet, duplication errors were an absolute nightmare. With the information from the company’s CRM not being shared with the field crew, there were just too many errors happening all around. The company needed a system that took the reins out of the field crew’s hand.  

Data duplication from our CRM has been awesome with Arrivy, because it allows us to avoid errors by re-entering data. There is a complete sync with our CRM & Arrivy.”

With our Solution Experts’ help, Mark could let his company’s CRM and Arrivy do all the work for him with a powerful integration set up by the Arrivy team. With real-time task details, live location tracking, scheduling & planning capabilities, the team and the customers were finally connected. Every crucial piece of information was integrated across both platforms in real-time, so all the field crew had to focus on was delivering excellent customer service. 

Battling Vanilla System Solutions 

A lot of products are just fine off-the-shelf, but a CRM isn’t one of them. As a business, you need tool customizations left and right to make your life easier. With off-the-shelf CRMs, you have to live with what you get. But that’s what Mark couldn’t do. He needed a tool that was fluid with what it could accomplish. He needed Arrivy.

With our CRM we were using a super vanilla task-based system and the problem with that is that everything becomes white noise. When you have a hundred tasks a day it’s all just white noise.”

For instance, whenever a new job got assigned, Mark had to manually reach out to his crew and relay all critical information. Customers had to be kept in the loop with phone calls and manually scheduled emails regarding the crew’s arrival. This not only increased the risk of miscommunication but became exhausting for Mark, who had to stay on his toes for hours on end.   

Enter Arrivy, a robust scheduling system that alleviated the company’s troubles. With automated team notifications, connected job & team progress, leveraged views and route planning capabilities, Arrivy was just what Mark needed. 

It was versatile, highly flexible, and, most importantly, not vanilla.

As Easy as Pie  

When opting for new service delivery methods, businesses such as Creative Carpet are faced with a challenge. They have to employ the services of a field tech who has the skill set down to a T but is maybe not that tech-savvy. 

For the dispatch crew, field crew management & job monitoring becomes simple with real-time notifications & job journals. For companies looking for solutions that their non-technical staff can easily pick up, Arrivy presents itself as a very compelling platform. 

My field crew is not filled with tech people – so if the system is complex to use it just won’t work for them.” 

In the case of Creative Carpet, Mark needed a tool capable of managing complex job scheduling and task handling. While at the same time being easy enough for his field crew to use and understand. He did not want to add to his field crew’s burden with having to learn a new and complex tool. Arrivy allowed for a smooth transition for the field team from pen & paper to an easy to use mobile application, creating a well rounded crew experience

Arrivy allowed Mark to eradicate all forms of second-guessing that he & his crew indulged in at the start of the day. All job details were available on the Arrivy app, allowing for a smooth field crew experience. Team members were able to reduce escalations by taking on-site photographs and live notes to alert the dispatch crew of any modifications in the job. All job related information was stored neatly in real time in the Arrivy activity feed, giving Mark the ability to stay in the loop as if he was on site!  

Live. Conquer. Dream

Field operation businesses are challenging to run without the right kind of tools in place. Be it Creative Carpet or any service business; the target is to exceed the customer’s expectation to keep them coming back for more. 

Arrivy has allowed businesses to Uber-ize their ‘day of’ experience by providing them the right tools to deliver excellence to their customers for when it truly matters. The Arrivy mobile application is easy to use and allows you to keep your field crew informed no matter how technically challenged they may be. 

Arrivy has something for everyone, so you don’t have to settle for vanilla anymore. Dream more of a chocolate fudge sundae with caramel sauce on the side. 

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