Along with Halloween, October brings a significant new feature to Arrivy–Linked Tasks. Linked Tasks is a new way to group and access different Tasks that are related to the same customer and job. Read more below and at .

Arrivy Premium

Linked Tasks will be a part of Arrivy Premium, an enhanced offering that will be available towards the end of 2019. Premium’s Pricing and feature set are being finalized and we encourage you to use Linked Tasks and other Premium features we make available before its formal introduction. Data, Tasks and other program elements will be completely compatible between Premium and the current Arrivy service.

Route Planning is another Arrivy Premium feature that will be available soon. We are looking for people to help us do usability testing of Route Planning. If you would be willing to test this new feature, please contact Steve Guttman at

Linked Tasks

In many service professions, customer work requires multiple appointments to complete. Arrivy’s Linked Tasks feature allow you to group related Tasks together and easily review or change information from any of them. Linked Tasks are simply Tasks that share the same customer and which are grouped together for convenience and information sharing. Additionally, Linked Tasks can let you create new Tasks from the Details page of an existing Task, that are automatically linked to that Task.

Linked Tasks

Linked Tasks are turned on and customized in Arrivy’s Template controls. So, you can have certain types of Tasks that show linking controls and others that don’t. Importantly, the mobile apps’ interface lets you easily access Details and Journal information for Tasks that are linked via a dropdown menu.

For Enterprise customers, Linked Tasks can be driven through the Arrivy API. So, you can easily create and link Tasks as well as get a chain of Tasks that have been linked together.

Pipedrive Integration

Pipedrive is a general purpose CRM and sales management tool designed to help small sales teams manage intricate or lengthy sales processes. Our Pipedrive integration allows you to create Arrivy Tasks directly from within the Pipedrive interface. Like our other integrations, it can be found under Setttings > Apps & Integrations > Pipedrive.

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