Route Planning

Route Planning adds a new dimension to Arrivy. The Route Planning feature allows Schedulers to create and edit routes for crews that have multiple stops/Tasks during a single day. With Route Planning, Schedulers can rearrange Tasks within a single route or drag-and-drop Tasks between routes in order to balance them between your field teams. You can see an intro video of Route Planning, here:

Route Planning works differently from other features in Arrivy. The Route Planning interface provides a way to experiment with different Task layouts and assignments. Within this interface you can create new routes, drag-and-drop Tasks between and within routes, change route starting and ending times. No permanent changes are made to Tasks until you click the Publish button. Once you click Publish, all of the edits made in your Route Planning session will be propagated to the affected Tasks.
Check out the documentation for Route Planning, here:
Route Planning

Workflow Tab

Route Planning is organized under our new Workflow nav item. This new nav also includes Worker Requests (formerly under Requests nav) and Team Notifications (formerly under Settings). Workflow is intended to organize functionality that automates and streamlines processes. Look for more functionality to be available here, over time.

Multi-Group Scheduling

Many delivery and service businesses have Schedulers who create Tasks and do routing for multiple locations. When setting up a Team member as a Scheduler Admins can now specify additional Groups that a Scheduler has access to (besides their own Group).

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