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In early 2016, Robert Venanzi was looking for a tool or technology to help Sears Garage Door Repair & Installation (San Diego, LA, & Orange County) keep in closer contact with their technicians. Sears was wasting a lot of time and effort trying to figure out the status of their techs—where they were, if their job was on track, if they would be able to get to their next job at the scheduled time. Robert’s thought there was probably some kind of web service that would allow Sears to track the location of its remote teams.


Then Robert was introduced to Arrivy. After viewing a demo, Sears decided to test drive the service and asked one of their techs to use Arrivy for several weeks. The results were not what they had expected.

While Sears subscribed to Arrivy to connect their internal teams, it also had the benefit of driving greater customer engagement and satisfaction. With Arrivy, many of the “low-value” customer communications for a job—such as letting a customer know the tech is on his way—are take care of automatically via email and text. Moreover, the customer is able to see the location of their technician enroute and are automatically alerted by Arrivy when the tech is about a mile from their location.


Said Robert, “When I found Arrivy, we never thought about the customer experience. We wanted to connect our team. Customer value didn’t come into it—we were looking for tracking. But, with Arrivy, the customer is engaged as soon as we book the appointment.”

As Robert describes it, their philosophy is to provide a great product and a superior customer experience. “Nationally known, but family owned,” is the expression the owner—Tom Stanton—uses. Arrivy has been instrumental in helping Sear achieve this goal. As Robert relates, “Arrivy has improved our ability to communicate effectively with our dispatchers, technicians, and customers by leaps and bounds. It provides a sense of security and accountability to our clients with the assurance of knowing when the technician is on his way, due to the options of email and text alerts that it provides.”

“Overall, Arrivy has been monumental in the way it’s made us a more productive and communicative team.”

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