Ever since markets first came into existence, businesses have competed with each other to be the best. In an age consisting of technology and the internet, competition has only become fiercer because of barriers to entry being lowered for small businesses and globalization. As a result, each business has to now strive to make constant changes that make it better than its rivals. However, the million-dollar question is, ‘In which areas of the business are those changes to be made?’ This is where data comes in.

Let’s take the example of a delivery company that wishes to compete with a rival based on delivery efficiency. It will need to know things like the number of successful deliveries, the time is taken for each delivery, the routes used, and so forth. This will require collecting ‘data’ on all the aspects mentioned earlier in its delivery system. The data then, whether in the form of numbers, graphs, and charts, will show a clear picture of which areas the company excels in and where it could improve. It would allow the company to know exactly what to focus on instead of working on things at random and hoping for a favorable outcome. The latter might work too but will end up utilizing a lot of time and resources, leaving a window for the competition to catch up.

Arrivy realizes this and ensures that every company that uses its services never loses out on essential data. It uses sophisticated algorithms that automatically collect, compile, and report complex data by displaying them in the form of simple to understand, visually pleasing, and meaningful charts & graphs. The data can then be used to view distance traveled, travel time, fuel used, team performance, team utilization, individual team member performances, and customer engagement, to name a few. All of this data allows companies to pinpoint areas of improvement and focus their efforts on making them better.

Another powerful feature of Arrivy is that of reporting and reviewing that gets instant service reviews. Arrivy ensures feedback on the job as soon as it is done which in turn allows a company to see how its service is perceived and make necessary changes appropriately. High customer satisfaction levels are significant because they not only make an existing customer return but also bring in more through positive word-of-mouth and good reviews. All of which leads to higher profits and a bigger slice of the market share!

Asfandyar A.

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