Are You Doing Your Operations Right?

Our survey tells us that 30% of operations time is wasted every day!

Some critical attributes of a successful business are its ability to streamline processes, reduce costs, and ensure customer satisfaction. For this to happen, there needs to be a synergy between all stakeholders involved in the service rendering, e.g., back end (sales, support, scheduling, dispatch, operations, etc.), the field crew, the customer, and so forth. The business needs to optimize the flow of communication between all three parties to ensure smooth task execution.

Whether it’s miscommunication among internal teams or with the customer, ball-dropping the assignments, inefficient daily plans, or anything similar. A company can bring about some temporary order to the chaos by ‘duct-taping’ tools and processes together to make things work like individually contacting all parties, taking notes, and planning schedules on paper or storing data in large files.

Our survey tells us that 30% of operations time is wasted every day! What’s worse is how, despite investing in tools like the aforementioned, things still seem to fall off the cracks since the slightest change in schedule is prone to error. Which is likely to increase with an increase in the number of customers. Here are some examples of what not to do when you want a successful business (and yes, they are real!):

  • Using end-of-day conference calls to announce the schedule and deal with conflicts of 100 employees daily based on spreadsheets.
  • Using tools like Evernote, a note sharing platform for running your schedule and tasks when that is not all that it is for.
  • Managing large field teams with tools like WhatsApp, iMessage, and so on.

With such deeply flawed operational solutions, it comes as no surprise that companies like those mentioned above end up having inefficiency in their processes, making them highly fragile. This inevitably led to many bad customer experiences, which is something no business ever wants.

Another major issue is that of data. All of the data is scattered in forms like paper, worksheets, online documents, phone calls, and so forth. The problem isn’t these forms of communication; it is the purpose they are being used for. They are not meant to cater to such intricate processes, and traceability for such scattered tools & data is just impossible. In today’s day and age, finding the right technology for the right job is just as important as finding the right person for the right job. It is why many companies are now looking to connect their operations by leveraging ‘operations management software.’

Arrivy’s connected operations software connects all stakeholders of a business under a single platform. It offers scheduling, route planning, dispatch, real-time team communication, crew mobile experience, digital forms, instant customer experience, reporting, insights, and much more. This all a business needs to optimize its work efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Operations management is the next big thing in the evolution of service industries, and only the companies that go smart will thrive. Ensuring connected operations is going to be your ticket to success, and Arrivy will do it for you!

-Asfandyar A.

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