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A typical service organization spends 30% of its operations hours coordinating staff and customers, deciding appointment times, informing the crew about their assignments and the specifics of the assignments, and most of all, using a myriad of disconnected tools and offline processes to accomplish work. Nearly one-third of the time is spent on non-revenue generating activities, which is a very high number for the 21st century. All industries are going through a rapid transformation to eliminate such inefficiencies, and the services industry needs to catch up. But how? The answer lies in investing in automation, integration, and connectivity of all processes from sales to operations, support, and accounting. Here, we’ll discuss the automation and integration of the most critical processes of customer scheduling and crew assignments.

Calendly is one of the pioneers of automated appointment scheduling. It offers an efficient solution to booking appointments by allowing companies to set available time slots each day and letting the customers book the slots convenient for them. The success of Calendly is not solely attributable to the idea of autonomous scheduling. Instead, it is the simplicity of the end-customer experience and the degree of control that makes Calendly the best in the class. Harnessing the power of self-scheduling is one of the most critical challenges for field service businesses today, and it will propel them into new realms of efficiency and productivity. 

Calendly allows customers to pick dates/times from a unique calendar that has all the available slots. Additionally, Calendly can also prompt the customers to share details such as an address, location contact, access codes, etc. This makes the scheduling process autonomous and reduces the back-n-forth on phone calls or email to find the right time for the customer.

Operation Blueprint

The next challenge is to take this appointment and relay it to the business for team scheduling and dispatch. This direct connection between appointment booking and service delivery operations is critical for service businesses’ success, and this is where Arrivy comes into play.

Arrivy is a field service management product that readily integrates with Calendly, allowing direct information transfer and granular control over appointments. Furthermore, Arrivy offers solutions like crew management, dispatch and scheduling, route planning, digital forms, engaging customer experience, automated customer notifications, and much more to round up the operations experience. This array of features, combined with the native integration with Calendly, makes Arrivy the best in its class, as it sets the benchmark for performance for its peers.

The connection between Calendly and Arrivy eliminates the divide between operations and sales, courtesy of real-time information transfer and automated communications, making your service business operationally efficient and customer-oriented. The integration of the two autonomous platforms between the customer and business leads to critical savings operational time and enhancements in productivity. Now that looks like the 21st century!


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