Cleaning Plus

“Cleaners who truly care,” is the way that CEO, Kalie Sainz, describes Cleaning Plus, the Dallas/Ft. Worth area cleaning service. Cleaning Plus was an early Arrivy customer, and helped beta test the recently-unveiled, Repeating Tasks,” feature. While the company is only 3 years old, it is committed to using technology to both enhance its internal operations and to provide a better customer experience.

They were delighted to have found Arrivy.

Cleaning Plus

“Home services has always had a need for consistency,” said Sainz.  “We’re very aware of that. So, we’re focused on providing superior service.” In addition to Repeating Tasks, Sainz particularly likes Arrivy’s GPS-related features. They let the company keep track of crews throughout the work day, allowing them to quickly respond to any issues.

Additionally, Cleaning Plus is starting to see some upticks in customer reviews from Arrivy’s automatic ratings prompts at job completion. “I like the way Arrivy sends review requests. It’s good engagement,” said Sainz, “And, it continues to help the customer’s experience.”

In some sense, Arrivy goal is to democratize field service management for home service businesses–providing a high-end toolset at a fraction of the cost of legacy field service tools. And, at the same time, Arrivy is innovating with features that speak to the special issues of small/medium businesses. Like the Cleaning Plus mission, as Sainz states, “We use technology to get in front of people while providing small town service.

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