Vector Movers

New Jersey-based Vector Movers had a problem. They were managing job scheduling using a mis-matched variety of tools that required its dispatcher, Frank Numan, to do a lot of unnecessary work. The company prides itself in being customer-service oriented, and the issues around Dispatch jeopardized their ability to execute.

Vector Movers

“I was really tired and stressed,” said Numan. “Doing Dispatch without a proper tool is very stressful. I was trying to jerry-rig my own tool, thinking about integrating calendar appointments, staff assignment and notifications. It was a big mess.”

Fortuitously, Arrivy had recently reached out, and Vector Movers took it for a test drive, eventually participating in Arrivy’s Early Adopter program. The Early Adopter program was designed to engage customers with the product team to help guide the product’s trajectory. Since he had already been thinking about related issues,, Frank Numan’s feedback had been (and continues to be) instrumental in helping the team craft useable, effective features.

Numan particularly likes Arrivy’s Slack integration. The Slack feature forwards Arrivy status changes to the Slack client on all its supported platforms. “The Slack integration is really great,” stated Numan. “When we are traveling, it makes it easy to track what’s going on. In your mind, you can easily visualize how each job is progressing. In combination with your new Dashboard (with its Activity Feed), this thing is very, very useful.”

Arrivy’s automated communications features have been particularly useful for Vector Movers. “Customers used to call us non-stop,” related Numan. “They always wanted to know–where are the guys? They’re worried about people showing up. We used to have to beg our movers to call the customer. But, the guys are not comfortable calling people. Now we tell them–just click, On our way, on the Arrivy mobile app and the customer will get the message.”

To get return customers and to generate positive word-of-mouth, most home service businesses realize they need to be customer service oriented. Vector Movers adoption of Arrivy has not only streamlined its internal workflow, but also improved customer perception. “As a result,” said Numan, “We get positive feedback from customers–they feel more confident in our service!”

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