For over 20 years, Move4Less has been helping Las Vegas residents and businesses relocate both locally and nationally. With over 600 moves per month and over 60,000 moves over the life of the company, Move4Less clearly knows its business and how to keep its customers happy. That’s reflected in their overall customer rating of 4.9/5 stars.


But, with success comes big coordination issues. Move4Less has about 80 employees and every day they have to dispatch several dozen crews. Ensuring that everyone knows their assignments and that customers have confirmed their appointments can be a challenge. But, with a tag line of, “We take the stress out of moving,” obsession over customer service is one of the company’s principles.

Arrivy helps Move4Less in its mission with automated emails and texts that provide customers with information about their scheduled appointment and that allow them to track and anticipate crew arrivals. This helps drive customer satisfaction and rating comments like, “The team was outstanding. They were on time, professional, clean and work very fast. I would highly recommend your service to anyone.”

Move4Less - 2“I like Arrivy’s customer experience,” said Moti Perez, Move4Less’ managing member.  “But, I’m also excited about some of the future functionality they have planned.” As one of its early customers, Arrivy has used Move4Less as a sounding board for new and planned features. With such a large operation, Move4Less is particularly interested in streamlining dispatch. “We want to save time on operations,” said Perez. “That’s what Arrivy brings to us. And, that’s where we’d like the company to focus in the future.”

Thanks, Moti. Message received… !

As a company with Promover certification–authorized by the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA)–Move4Less has pledged to follow the industry best practices. Arrivy is pleased to be able to help Move4Less uphold its commitment to be honest and clear with its clients, and to help them deliver the very best moving services.

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