Arrivy has added support for specifying the time zone of a Task–so, you can accurately schedule a job whether you’re home or on vacation. This carries over to our Groups feature–automatically setting the time zone for Tasks specified for a selected Group.


Arrivy now supports the ability to explicitly specify starting and ending time zones for a Task. This is great if you work on vacation (don’t do it!) or travel a lot for business. You never need to worry about time zones if your computer and your customers are in the same time zone.

First, you’ll need to set the time zone of your company and/or Group offices. For the company, this setting is found in the Settings > Account Detailspage. For Groups, you’ll set the Group time zone on the Info page for each Group, found by clicking on the Group name on the Settings > Group page.

time zone

Then, on the Task Details page, you’ll see a Time Zone button following the End Time field. Clicking on this button lets you set the time zone for the start and ending time zones. The time zones for these times is displayed under their inputs (the ending time zone is only displayed if different from starting). 

Now, whenever you open the Task Details page the times will be displayed in the time zone they were specified in. However, if you look at the Dashboard or Calendar, they will always show Tasks in the time zone of the computer/device you are viewing them on.

If you are using Groups, selecting the Group name from the menu in Task Details will automatically set the time zone for the Task to be the Group’s time zone. Note that on the Dashboard and within the Calendar views, you are always seeing the appointment in your local time (the computer’s time). But, in Task details, the Task is displayed in the time zone noted on this page.

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