“Our business is driven by life events–getting married, retiring, having kids, inheriting property,” related John Foshee, CMO of MyPorter, an Atlanta-based “concierge” storage provider that allows customers to store their “extra stuff”–from sports equipment to clothing to furniture to pianos–securely and without ever having to leave home.

In contrast to renting a U-Haul, schlepping a bunch of furniture up and down flights of stairs and self-delivering to a storage locker, MyPorter offers a true convenience-oriented “millenial” experience: available on-demand, tailored for the customer and ordered via the web. MyPorter lets a customer essentially store and retrieve from their couch.

MyPorter photographs and organizes customer items in an online inventory, allowing users to select any or all of their items for retrieval at any time. “Orchestrating moves is complex and difficult,” said Foshee. “Coordinating the symphony of truck, crew and equipment is time consuming and stressful.  That’s why people call us.”


Always mindful of experience and engagement, MyPorter uses Arrivy to optimize their customer’s last-mile experience. They appreciate Arrivy’s automated communications and crew-tracking capabilities as well as the real-time display of routes and crew locations on the Dashboard.

Importantly, MyPorter is an Arrivy integration partner. Integration partners use the Arrivy API to marry last-mile features with their own application functionality. For MyPorter, the API allowed them to link Arrivy to their homebrewed, web-based app for scheduling pickup and delivery. When a customer schedules a request in MyPorter’s ruby-on-rails tool, a corresponding Task is created in Arrivy which includes all the relevant customer contact and job information. Once that happens, Arrivy’s engagement and operational features are automatically engaged for that job.

MyPorter takes advantage of the unique “mix-and-match” character of the Arrivy system. Integration partners can use the API to trigger specific Arrivy actions/functionality and use the Arrivy web and mobile interfaces to access others. Since all Enterprise systems are different, this provides enormous flexibility in the actual amount of integration work needed. In the case of MyPorter, once the customer job is posted to Arrivy via the API, the company uses the Arrivy Calendar, Task Details and Dashboard to assign crew, equipment and manage jobs. Crew members use the Arrivy Android and iOS apps which access custom job templates built in the Arrivy web app.  “Integrating with Arrivy was pretty easy,” said Foshee. “And we really appreciated the responsiveness of the Arrivy Dev team.”

myPorter - Altlanta-based moving and storage

Growing at a tepid 400+% year-over-year, MyPorter seems to have found a potent formula for modernizing or UBER-izing the moving and storage experience. Like its sales growth–with Arrivy helping to manage the last-mile–you can expect the company’s impressive customer experience to continue its upward trajectory.

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