New Customer Message Features

Arrivy’s Task Journal archives all of your jobs’ activities for posterity, for reference and provides the ability to create unique reports–like our On-time Performance report, which identifies the percentage of your jobs that start on time. Until now, the Task Journal only showed status changes–events triggered by changes to a Task or by clicking a Status button (such as “On our way”).
Now, the Task Journal will also display any messages that have been sent to customers. This includes things like “Scheduled,” “Rescheduled,” “On our way” events as well as messages triggered by Status buttons. The mode of communication used (email, SMS) is also identified within the body of the Journal update. The communication mode is determined by the email/SMS switches on the Task Details page.
Task Journal
In addition to logging messaging activity, Arrivy now lets you send any pre-defined message directly from the Tasks Status page. Previously, you were restricted to only sending Notes or Customer Notes. By selecting a pre-defined status from the dropdown menu, you can specify the message you’d like to send. The Preview Email and Preview SMS buttons allow you to view message content before it’s sent. Those buttons follow the messaging options on the Task Details page. If you have set email only as the way to communicate with a customer, you’ll only see the Preview Email button in the interface.


If your customers tweet, you can now specify your Twitter URL, which will direct customers providing ratings and reviews to your Twitter page.The Twitter URL input is available on the Account Details Settings page.

Integration City

Integrating Arrivy with your favorite CRM is a powerful combination. The CRM provides Sales pipeline and job-booking support and Arrivy drives day-of activities and customer engagement. With these integrations, the CRM pushes information down to Arrivy including appointment date/times & details, customer info and crew assignments. These are synchronized so that changes made in the CRM automatically propagate to Arrivy.

The Arrivy development team has been busy enabling these integrations. A complete list can be found here: Some of the more recent additions are:

  • Salesforce
  • SugarCRM
  • MoversSuite (moving)
  • Moverbase (moving)
  • Current RMS (rental management)
Also, a reminder that the Arrivy API also supports integration with custom CRMs and scheduling tools. If you are interested in such an integration please contact

Worker Requests… out of Beta

We recently introduced our Worker Requests feature, which  dramatically reduces the amount of work to contact seasonal, contract and part-time workers. Worker Request lets you create “campaigns” for particular jobs that will automatically send emails/SMS’ to these workers and coordinate responses. Worker Requests is now out of beta. Please take if for a spin.

You can find out more info about Worker Requests by reviewing the documentation, here:

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