Arrivy helps Event Artillery Aim High

They know how to throw a good party! In a short four years, Event Artillery has become one of the premier providers of high-end furniture for events in Perth, Australia. Bootstrapped by its founders–Ryan and Natalie Gosatti–the couple recognized a need for Instagram-worthy installation pieces at weddings and corporate happenings. 

Enter Arrivy. When Arrivy first reached out to Event Artillery, they were intrigued by the service’s capabilities. While the Gosattis initial impression of Arrivy was as a “nice-to-have” tool, a demo showed-off the scheduling system and the ability to manage crew and equipment. Event Artillery became a believer and the perception of the application quickly shifted to “must-have”. “This has been a massive step up for us,” related Ryan Gosatti.

Event Artillery

Event Artillery are in the process of beta testing Arrivy’s Current RMS integration. Current RMS is a cloud-based rental management solution tailored for the events industry, which includes a comprehensive CRM designed specifically for rental companies. Once connected, the integration seamlessly creates tasks within Arrivy for deliveries and collections in Current. Then, all of Arrivy’s automated communications, mobile apps and other features instantly come into play. This is a welcome change from the scheduling spreadsheet Event Artillery used previously. Said Gosatti, “Whatever is in our Current RMS schedule gets pushed to Arrivy. It’s a comfort to know that we won’t miss anything.”

With Arrivy, Event Artillery has found the platform to be an indispensable tool perfectly aligned with their business needs. In addition to the customer engagement benefits, Event Artillery’s drivers are especially appreciative. Arrivy gives drivers advanced information on their jobs, such as who they are working with, job locations, and delivery/collection instructions. As a result, they feel more prepared coming into the work week, are much more efficient and have more time to tend to other operational issues.

With a mission to create memorable events, Event Artillery prides itself on high-touch, personalized service. As Event Artillery continues to take advantage Arrivy’s deep functionality, they look forward to enjoying the benefits of greater engagement among both customers and staff.

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