Account Management Changes and more

Start at/Complete at

Did you ever accidentally click Start or Complete at the wrong time? Or, perhaps you forgot to click the appropriate Status buttons when you began or finished a job? We’ve added a new capability to Arrivy’s Start and Complete buttons. After the Start or Complete buttons have been clicked one, subsequent clicks will bring up the dialog box shown below. This allows you to set the exact date and time you want registered for the Start or Complete status.

Journal Entries for Rescheduled Tasks

Information displayed in the Journal for rescheduled Tasks now includes the original and rescheduled times (instead of just noting the Task has been rescheduled).

Extra Fields in Templates

You can now specify Extra Fields within Arrivy templates and include default values for those fields, which will propagate to Tasks that use those templates. You can also create dropdown fields, which let Admins create lists which appear in dropdown menus.

Team Account Management Changes

We’ve made some improvements to managing user accounts and–in particular–with resetting passwords for team member accounts. If you look at the new-and-improved Edit Team Member page, you’ll notice several changes:

  1. The username–originally set by the user when they were first invited to join Arrivy–is shown at the bottom in the section titled, Login. The username cannot be changed and is typically the user’s email or phone number. This is the username the Team member must use to log into their account.
  2. The email and phone number shown in the upper section of the page are the contact information for the Team member. These can be changed at any time and do not need to match the username.
  3. The Reset Password button is adjacent to the username. You can choose to reset the Team member’s password either by sending them a password link or explicitly setting the password text.
  4. The date the Team member joined Arrivy is shown below their photo in the left column. If the user has been sent an invite but has not responded, a button to resend the invite will also be shown here.

We believe these changes will help Admins manage their users more easily. Please let us know if you have any other suggestions for improving account management.

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